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Comic to be finished later today, but in the meantime here’s the flats. So great to be back!!! ^^



So ok, Portfolio will be handed in today (monday), Wednesday I give my final project presentation for World Art History, Thursday I pass out, Friday I get revived in time for the long-overdue DnD meeting, Saturday is the gallery show– (speaking of which, if anyone’s interested in seeing my school’s Illustration Graduation Show, click here. It’s in Naperville, and will run Saturday/Sunday), and Sunday I get back in the saddle to finish a comic for Monday!! Yes, I plan to return the comic MONDAY (not today though, next monday x.x)!

I also owe a ton of people sketches, and I am sooooooo sorry about the delay in all that, but no worries, it will be sent out! I also owe the wonderful Tim a finished commission (Sorry tim), and that’ll get done too at some point. Things are getting done!

In the meantime though, feel free to post in the forums. It’s really cool seeing the community actually be…a community! With real discussions and stuff! So yes, check it out!


Lame shirt

One of our projects for Traditional/digital is to create a shirt design for either Threadless/Shirtfight, and depending on how many votes/comments we get, that influences our grade (which is why I’ve been pimping out my friends’ designs). In any event, if you wanna see my really lame design, I’ve posted it over on shirftight here, so if you like it give it a look-see and maybe a vote x.x

My exit interview’s Tuesday, so I didn’t put all that much effort into the finishing (and it shows, lol), but that’s ok because I’m nearly done! ^^



Slowly, but surely, progress is being made. This weekend, I manage to knock out quite a bit of work–got my entire process portfolio (a portfolio that consists of your thumnails, color studies, sketchwork, etc in order to show clients how you work and how you think) done (or at least done enough so I can get a review on it all together from the teacher), and about half of my layouts for the final portfolio done.

The only downside is that I find myself going back and reworking my illustrations, specifically the Avengers one. I never really liked the way Rhodey (the one in the blue airforce uniform) was drawn as the whole thing was kinda rushed. I spent a good couple hours just redrawing and reworking his pose, but noooothing is working. On the plus side, over the course of last week I did manage to redo an image I did for the Golden Compass book, which was originally sooo bad that I didn’t even bother posting it (though I think now I’ll post the updated version next to the original just so you can see the difference, it’s CRAZY).

So this week is attempt-to-get-everything-done week, because the next week I have my exit interview (an interview with the career services lady where she critiques your portfolio from an employers position, as well as your interview skills), a couple final exam papers due, and there’s an internship interview thingie with Lego I wanted to sit in on. *pulls out hair*

I keep hearing Tim Gunn in my head going, “Make it work!” over and over. Note to self: stop watching Project Runway whilst working…. x.x


Support the booth babe!

My lovely and talented friend Heather, who is known to MR Chicago fans as our very lovely Anime Central and Reactor Booth Babe (speaking of which, she has a surprise for fans at this year’s acen, so be sure to register!!), she has a shirt she’s designed over at this Threadless-esque site called Shirtfight. So if you happen to be registered already or you really like the deisgn, please check out her shirt design! It has kittens, robots, and all sorts of other awesome things! ^^


Crunch Time

So here we are. I’ve got 4 weeks left of school, and a pile of stuff to do in order to graduate. Because of this, I’ve decided to drop down to one page a week, at least until the 24th (last day). Because yeah, I have 3 portfolios to complete, a process portfolio, oh-so-many layouts, promotional material to get printed and designed, a list of 50+ companies I can send stuff too, and many other things I can’t even think of off the top of my head x.x It’s scary!!!

So yeah, I’m really sorry to delay these things further, but since the next bunch of pages are jokey anyway it kinda works out =) I want to have the comic update Mondays, and since I have this paper on contemporary African/Pacific Islander art due Wednesday it kinda works out x.x So yes, no comics this week, really sorry about that x.x

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