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The average race


This has totally been one of my favorite pages. I know it’s weird, but I personally really love it when manga characters go into their strategies for competitions (sometimes it can be a little much, but most of the time it’s awesome ^^ ), and since this is an MMO comic it makes a lot of sense! I also like having scenes where Lourdes gets to bitchsmack people–been a while since that happened XD

Because MR is a VR game that you’re totally jacked into, I figured it’d be cool if, though all the classes have their own list of specific spells and abilities, people executed said abilities uniquely through their own personal imagination and flare. For example, two mages might be casting the same “fireball” spell–one character’ll cast it just standing there, but the other might choose to jump up in the air and do some sort of cool pose while casting it. Same spell, same basic results, but different actions due to differing personalities. Because yeah, when I play MMO’s I get kinda annoyed playing melee characters because essentially you’re just sitting there while your character hits stuff–every once and a while you’ll have to activate some sort of ability, but there’s not a whole lot of stuff going on on your end. Now, if you were playing a melee character and you had to make up kung-fu moves and stuff, that’d be way more interesting and interactive. Unless you wanted to just sit there and hit stuff (autopilot feature).

Hopefully this makes some amount of sense. I have yet to figure out how to fully translate my ideas to people-speak. x.x



Had familial obligations over the weekend, hence lack of comic. Will return friday though! ^^



A friend of mine got past the first round of Threadless! Check out his design (and score it if you dig it =) ) over here. It’s pretty groovy ^^


Email fail

So I’ve kinda been all over the place this week attempting to get things done at a reasonable pace, so I haven’t really replied to very many emails–specifically those regarding donations. Soooo, I’m planning on getting caught up on it all over the weekend, so if you donated something expect to hear back from me soon with wallpaper and/or character sketch requests. Sorry for the delays x.x

In other news, I discovered this really, really awesome Photoshop coloring tutorial. Click here, and go to the “gambit coloring tutorial” to check it out. I was fiddling around with some of the techniques he was talking about to color today’s comic, and though visually it doesn’t really make a difference, it was a lot easier to get my flat colors down and all together. Yay! ^^

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