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Punched in the Throat


I’m so dumb–I totally forgot about this illustration (featured above) that was due today, and I was so unorganized about finishing it–I started drawing it Monday, and then got so carried away with it I didn’t finish the drawing until Wednesday, and the inking until yesterday. As a result, I was only able to partially color the flats (i.e. the basic colors for the piece), and again, the thing’s due today so that really blows. This is totally the first project I have ever not had finished on the day of the deadline and I feel really crummy about it.

What really sucks too though is that Monday/Tuesday I got the comic totally inked and I was patting myself on the back for being so ahead of things… Rawrg, why does my sense of time have to be so out of whack this semester? X.x

On the plus side, I think the drawing came out uber-spiffy, and I’m super-psyched to see how it’ll look when it’s all colored. The entire class is making a calendar in class, and our theme is “Music", with each month being a different genre. I chose house music, and figured it’d be more fun to focus on the raver side of it, as drawing a normal dj isn’t as fun since they usually just dress like normal people =\

But yeah, comic’s like, 60-70% done so it’ll be posted Monday, and hopefully I can get a jump start on Friday’s page so I can build up a lil’ buffer. That’d sure be nice XD


Watchmen Theme

So first off, finally updated the donation wallpaper! All you gotta do is donate at least a buck and I'll send you the image, and for $10 you get an original sketch. Due to the crazy hype of the movie, I figured I'd have the ladies of MR dressed up as the ladies of Wachmen"specifically Silk Spectres 1 and 2, and the Silhouette.

Now then, my thoughts on the movie"Very awesome, well shot, well acted (Silk Spectre II was kinda weak at parts, but for the most part got away with it), and it was really cool how they kept to the color scheme of the comic almost exactly. The ending was changed for you die-hards, but you know, I never really liked the idea of them being able to clone a genetically altered psychic squid, the main reason being because the idea was that its brain was cloned from a human psychic, which is silly given the fact that the only person in the whole world to have super powers is Dr. Manhatten. So yeah, new ending makes way more sense given the established parameters of the universe and adds more character to Dr. Manhatten.

Now, all that said and done, the music (at least, the songs with words) was god AWEFUL. I mean, with the exception of √Ę‚¨ŇThese times are a'changin√Ę‚¨? during the opening credits, all of the songs were the worst possible choices for the situation"so bad, and played so loud that it totally took me out of the movie. The worst was the song played during the sex scene"made it the awkwardest sex scene since the second Matrix movie. It was like someone decided to play a joke on Zack Snyder by screwing up his soundtrack.

But yes, definitely worth seeing, even if the songs are terrible XD Aside from that I totally don't get why so many critics are peeved about it"definitely in the Top 5 comic adaptations as far as I'm concerned (the tops being Dark Knight, Spidey II, Sin City, Watchmen, and The Crow, with Road to Perdition up there also). Anyways, that's all I got. Feel free to pelt me with blasphemies for disliking original Squid-concept XD

Of course, you could always go and discuss things comicky in the forums. *Wink wink, nudge nudge*

Also, be sure to keep voting please!!! ^^

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