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Maybe you overdid it

It's official

No one liked the Streetfighter: Legend of Chun Li movie. My favorite review quote, âI can't remember the last time I watched an actor fail to walk into a room convincingly, but Chris Klein does it.â? Somehow I find myself wanting to see it now"..

".yet at the same time, I doubt it'd be anywhere near as awesome as the DOA: Dead or Alive movie. That was hilarious XD

Tomorrow I'm going to start posting vote incentives again in the form of those little sketch comics that I did way back when. Since many of you either missed out of them or missed some of them, now's your chance to start over again from the beginning! All you do (starting tomorrow) is click on the little blue vote button above this newspost and that'll send you over to a link to the comic. Everyday'll be a new page, so you have to vote every day to get the whole story. =)



Blerrrg. This week was all messed up. The festival that we thought wasn’t until the end of march was…yesterday, so I was there all day running an event for our Anime Club. Since I have an 8 page paper to write over the weekend, I figure I’ll just save the page I have half inked for Monday.

In any event, this was my entry for the Darkstalkers Tribute Contest. I wanted to do Felicia, but I figured since I draw her like, all the time that I should give Hsien-ko some love. Decided to rawk out the black for this one since inking is soooo much fun, and I think it came out kinda cool.

So yeah, see Monday for comics =)



The link to the forums has been fixed! So yeah, please join and post things so people will stop yelling at me for not having active forums (as if I controlled how active my forum is X.x ). There are many things that can be discussed there, so yeah, please join and have a good time and stuff.

…that is all.

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