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Coloring to come later–I got hit with this nasty cold on Tuesday so I’ve been making it a point to go to bed earlier. Dayquil is very much my friend.

Colors to come when I get home from school, look for them around 2pm-ish.


Best road signs ever.

If only I lived in texas… Caution: Zombies Ahead!


Fanart pages updated!!

I finally updated my fanart pages! New art by Brion, Carla, Karian, Anthony, Andrea and Ben. Check âem out, they're really awesome! If I missed any of you, please resend links/images to savagesparrow@gmail.com, as somehow they've gotten buried in my email pile x.x


*Forehead smack*

So when fixing the error in last Friday’s comic, I noticed that when looking through old comics to make sure I didn’t miss anything with Lourdes’ costume that I totally forgot about this comic, where they have the collars and stuff. Sooo, I’m going to attempt to go back and add the collars, if not for the net, then at the very least for the book version because I’m anal like that XD But first, need to go back and color those uncolored pages x.x

So many things to do! I fail at juggling!

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