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It was ok


So for those of you in the Chicago-South Illinois-Indiana area, the uber-talented and super wonderful Juno is gonna be preforming over here. Since I know there's a LOT of readers around here (as well, it's where I started promoting x.x ) you all should totally go! You can find out the details here. Her music's also on itunes, so super huzzah! At the very least I'll be there, and anywhere I go is full of win. Fo sho, fo sho.

It's so weird working on the regular story again! Monday's page was rough because I hadn't gotten into my groove yet, but now I feel nearly groovy. Come march, I'm planning to reset up the donation wallpapers (as that's pitifully behind x.x ), and post vote incentives again (I'm thinking of reposting those little comic stories from way back when"that way for the many people who didn't get to catch it or missed out on it you can finally read it!) There's also one other big thing I'm planning, though hopefully midterms won't swallow me whole before then x.x

EDIT: Yes, I made a mistake on today’s page in that I forgot Lourdes had an alias (because I’m dumb) error to be fixed when I get home! Thanks for letting me know everyone! ^^



Sorry for lateness, got overly neurotic fixing some inking mistakes I made x.x

NYCC was pretty awesome! Mostly because I got to hang out with awesome friends. But also because I got to do some networking, and while the general vibe was that of “This economy blows we’re not hiring", I think I made some great contacts and at least know that I don’t suck XD The thing that did suck though was that most of my stuff happened on Friday/Sunday, which meant saturday I didn’t really have all that much to do. Not having gone to a con to attend in FOREVER, I had no idea what to do, especially when the panels were like (I shit you not) “Men are from Krypton, Women are from Paradise Island", and loads of stuff dedicated to discussions of the Secret Invasion (How secret can it be?! ), and the Final Crises(I thought the last three were final! ). But I did play some games, like Sonic With a Sword….which was kinda fun, but kind of annoying as well. It’s hard to run fast swing a sword and jump or something all at once x.x Also, why does Sonic even need a sword? Remember back in the day when he became a little BALL OF SPIKES? I thought that took care of the stabby. I also played me some Spore, until some lady kicked me off because she had to do a “demo” for some TV station. Pffft. In any event, work was done, games played, and just for the record, I am NOT a VG Cats intern/artist/recruiter. Scott doesn’t even have interns/extra artists, just an Entourage because he’s pimp like that XD

Promo story taken down, hope you all enjoyed it! Now we’re back to the regularly scheduled comic! ^^

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