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Ohayocon 2k9!


Flight got in after 10. Going to bed. Comic to be posted when I get back from school (so look for it around 3-4pm CST). The inks are pretty much done so allz I gotz to do is color it =)


Last page.

Thus, the last page of the promo comic is complete. Though the ending is kinda lame, I figured this was the best way to end it in less than 20 pages. What’d you guys think? If you wanna check out the cover for this story, you can view it over here.

Sadly I didn’t get my page for Monday done, but I’m hoping if I can ink it while I’m in New York that I’ll still be able to post it for monday, or at least the black and white version x.x I’m determined to start the story up again on monday, damnit!

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