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Flying monkey


Oh my, what whirl that con was. I spent most of the weekend kind of out of it"I feel really bad because I wasn't really as engaging as I usually am, and instead spent most of my time either drawing or playing DS, but once people got my attention I think I did ok XD

It was SO warm over there that I actually did at one point run out to the car in my tank top and have a bunch of people in parkas just glare at me"it was hilarious. Further more, I have to say that I really enjoy the fact that the further away you are from Chicago in the Midwest, the more people are apt to call you √Ę‚¨ŇDarlin'√Ę‚¨? or √Ę‚¨Ňbaby". It's really cute, and made me feel like I was in some all-encompassing diner from the '50s. Also, Hawk was passed out many-a-time behind his table, though I was nice and refrained from doing jigglypuff scribbles. Finally, I was soooo confused when that poor guy asked me how I was doing, as usually I write these things and forget about them. On some level I'm aware that others are reading them, but it doesn't actually connect, which is why it's so weird when I hear people actually read the blogs. It really makes me feel bad that I don't post more interesting things in here x.x

I think that's about it"thanks to everyone who came out and helped support me, the comic, and my heating bill! ^^ I'm planning on releasing some new, cool things for Acen so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, did anyone get the free Grand Slam from Denny's today? I really wanted to go, but there isn't really a Denny's anywhere near my school route. I heard the lines were crazy long, but at the same time, Denny's is the shiznit, yo. Many a time did we have non-lan-gaming parties at my house, and take a break at 3 am to get waffles at the Denny's that was 3 blocks away. That was probably the best part about my mom's house"the close proximity to the Denny's. Nevermind that a couple times it had been shut down due to health code violations, it was still uberly awesome.

Aaaaaaaand that's all I got.

EDIT: I’ll also be at New York Comic Con this weekend. I’ll be without my table, and traveling sans-hat (so rare!) so if you can find the hidden Sparrow, you win! In the mean time, be sure to schwing by this guy and this wonderful lady, this slacker, and this wonderful person that’s letting me sleep on his couch. I, for one, am going to be personally stalking this crazy lady and this guy–their art skills make me want to vomit. Finally, a clue to finding me is that at some point I’ll probably be assaulted by this skeevy sonuvabitch. Overall I’ll be there to pimp my portfolio, so if a line forms to talk to me while I’m talking to someone in a suit, that’s probably gonna look pretty, pretty good. Wish me luck, all! ^^



One 6 hour card ride later, here I am! Con report comic to go up Wednesday, final page of this promo thingie up Friday (when I leave for New York) and then as long as I can cram the story should return for Monday.

In addition, that Superbowl thingie was yesterday, and if you wanna check out all of the commercials, you can view and vote for your favorites here. We were listening to some of the highlights on our ride home, and it seems like the best one was the Miller Highlife ad (which I guess was only shown locally), which was basically the Highlife guy on for one second shouting “HIGHLIFE!". $100,000 for one second, one word–that’s effective =D



Seriously? Honestly, when you get caught on the phone saying something to the effect of “Do you guys have any idea how much this f***ing senate seat is worth?!” is there really a question of being guilty or not? And I love how it’s only now, that he’s really close to being impeached, that he cries out being innocent and stuff. C’mon, Rod, give it up already.


No comic today–see friday

No comic today because we’re going to Ohayocon this weekend and it puts a damper on my plans to get started on the normal story. Comic WILL be there for Friday though, so huzzahs.

In other news, I think my brain is dead. When I shake my head from side-to-side I can hear the ocean, so I’m thinking my brain has melted. Part (well, most of it) is probably senioritis or whatever, part of it is that I still haven’t quite recovered from The Semester From Hell, and yet another part is that suddenly I find personal/freelance projects raining down from the wazoo (which is pretty awesome, especially in this recession and stuff). But overall it’s leaving me brain dead, or at the very least an Art Robot….I can’t wait for summer.

Or at the very least until our building’s water heater is replaced so I can take hot baths again =\ (now we have to boil water in advance if we wanna take a bath–it’s like Little House on the Prairie….but in the heart of Chicago! )


Me not smrt

"¶.the comic is late because I forgot what day it was.

"¶seriously x.x

I'm finding now that I get up at the same time every day (unlike last semester where everyday I got up at a different time), I'm having trouble remembering what the days are. It's really confusing X\

Anyways, new page, w00t! I'm nearly done drawing the other pages (on page 11/14 now!) so huzzah!

Oh yeah, fun funzies, Click here! It’s so weird to believe that there =do= exist people that haven’t seen Star Wars. But then again, my friends all found it crazy that I hadn’t seen The Christmas Story until just this year XD


See, I AM a zombie!!!

If ya’ll wanna meander over to Geist Panik!, you’ll notice a certain sparrow-zombie in the top panel. So cute! Not to mention, hats = comedy gold.

Because I keep forgetting, I will be a Ohayocon at the end of the month with all of MR’s awesome stuff, signing things, sketching things, and trying to earn moneys to pay for crazy heat bills (seriously Canada, stop giving us your crappy weather. -30, c’mon). The following week I’ll be a ghost at the New York Comic Con, without a table but bothering my dear friends. So mayhaps you’ll see me at their tables because this’ll be my first con in YEARS where I haven’t had a table, so I probably won’t know what to do x.x


No page today

Attempting to finish ALL the pages this week(or at least get ‘em all inked), so no page for today. There WILL be one on friday though!!!

PS–Chicago, stop being so cold. I’m sick of negative numbers.



So yes, internet back, page up. Yay!

Now you may be asking, Why, author, is this page black and white? Well dear reader, I was told to include both my colored and black and white manga styles, so that’s what I dun. The last two pages will probably be color again since they don’t charge you for color for the side it’s on (see, a mini comic is basically the size of a normal, letter size paper folded in half. Soooo, since like, the cover and the back cover are essentially the same page, it means I get to have color on both cover and back cover for the price of copying one thing in color (if that makes any sense at all–I fail at explaining). It helps to make a mini-mock up of your comic when you’re doing screwy things with printing, just so you can be sure everything’ll be laid out the way you need it to be.

Anyway, moving on now.

I’m a sailor paid! And I’ve lost my leg! Climbing up the topsails, I lost my leg!

(best art-making song ever)


Damn you internets!

The internet’s been out at my house for the past day and half, so hopefully it’ll be back when I get home (later this afternoon). Sorry guys, blame AT&T.



OMG! Wednesday comic! XD

It’s easy to do comics 3x a week when you have a 4 page buffer XD


Ninja Assasin

If they can edit together the fights well so you can actually know what’s going on (Quantum of Solace, I’m lookin’ at you! ), then this is going to be awesome!

It’s going to be produced by the Wachowskis and directed by dude that directed V for Vendetta. And it has ninjas. This =could be= awesome.


MR Promo comic

So this is what I’ve been working on alllll winter break (or at least the first page of it), a twelve page promo comic to pass out to publishers and other interested parties at the New York Comic Con. Since there’s gonna be twelve pages of it (and I need to finish in the next week and a half if I wanna get it printed in time), I’m going to update with this 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s kind of a retelling of the first bunch of pages of MR (as I really couldn’t think of a decent short story in such a short amount of time), so I really hope you guys enjoy it! (and that the updates’ll make up for it ^^).

I’ll probably end up taking it down once it runs its course, so that way the current story doesn’t get all messed up in the archives.

Maybe one of these days I’ll go back and redo all the rest of the early stuff…but at the same time I don’t want to pull a George Lucas. But in doing these pages, it’s really been smacked into me just how much my art’s gotten better (just wait til ya’ll see the flower golem! *squees* ), so a conundrum it is. But in any event, I don’t have the time to redo 100+ pages of comic, so we’ll leave it at that XD


New Year’s tidings

So first of all, belated happy new year all! Hopefully everyone had a good time, good year, good booze, etc.

My year’s been kinda up-and-down. Overall I’ve been really happy though, and as graduation is only 3 months away I’m planting seeds that I hope will grow into happy job plants. The glue came off my nose the other day, but it looks like it might scar anyway–in a cool ‘C’ shape. For some weird reason everyone was way more freaked out about it than I was–once it stopped hurting I thought it looked kinda cool (hence why I put the photos on my site XD ), but I guess I’m weird like that. I have more photos I may post later of after they cleaned it up and glued the skin on–it’s really cool cuz you can see the bruises and stuff–totally Fight Club XD

So far I’m at 4 1/2 pages of my MR Re-vamp story thingie. I managed to write the script so it’d be 12 pages, and Josh said the shorter the story is, the better. So far the pages are looking pretty sweet–especially the redesign of the Flower Golem. I’m contemplating just posting the lineart for these pages all next week since at the horrible pace I’ve been going at I don’t think I’ll be able to do a page for monday. I figure when the whole thing is complete I’ll post it as vote incentives or something. Those’re always good, yes? As I said before, the new pages are sadly less jokey, but they at least flow together better and are drawn pretty well (yeah, no art angst here, I’m pretty proud of this shit).

I’ve taken to staying up all night and falling asleep at the crack of dawn.Truly, this lifestyle appeals to me way more than getting up in the morning. But alas, come monday it’s all outta bed by 7. If I was smart, I’d be going to bed earlier to get used to the schedule change, but alas, I am not x.x



Nose is healing happily, but sadly I still can’t wear my glasses until it heals (hence the lack of color on today’s page, as it’s super-hard to color when you can’t see the screen x.x ). But it’s looking like it won’t really scar, so huzzah! Thanks for all the well-wishes, though from the emails I got it seems like everyone’s had kind of a tragic holiday season. Hopefully the rest of you had a safe and happy time, and I hope all of you have a wonderful New Years.

I know my resolution is going to be to work my hardest to really raise the bar on the quality of MR pages–I really want to challenge myself (especially since I won’t really have any illustration classes next semester), and hopefully you guys’ll be able to see the results. I also wanna make a point to color all the pages that’re still without color from past updates, and just work really hard at promoting myself as an artist. It’s kinda scary that I really gotta start thinking about finding jobs an dstuff, so I want to make sure that I can get some great connections while still in school so I hopefully don’t really have to search too long to find work. In any event, I’m not all that worried, but right now I’ve got this comic portfolio I have to finish before the New York Comic Con. Right now I’ve got 3 out of 13 pages inked, so I’m hoping to get like, 5 more before break’s over. So much work! X\

Anyway, once again thanks everyone for the kind words and happy new year!

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