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An important conversation

Wolverine pt. 2

So I went to the immediate care place yesterday and they said that since I had a nice skin flap that I didn’t need stiches. Instead, they glued my face together! I find this awesome, as it looks like I just got outta fight club or something. Only downside is that if I want to wear my glasses I have to put a big hunk of gauze on my nose (which makes it look soooo dramatic) as I guess any sort of adheisive (like band aid sides) will wear away the glue. Sadly I forgot my camera cable otherwise I’d post a photo (as we’re holing up at Brion’s parents place until x-mas). They took x-rays too, and I got to see what my skull looks like. No bones broken officially oficially, so once again:

Steel air pressurizer: 0
Jen’s face: 1


Karma wants to kill me!!!

Good god this was an awful weekend.

On Saturday, at 1:30 am the smoke detector outside our apartment went off and wouldn’t stop going off until noon. I managed to tune it out and fell asleep around 5, Brion invented his own earplugs and fell asleep around 10 am. So on pretty much no sleep, we had to rush over to my dad’s house for the family christmas party.

I ended up driving since I got more sleep, and I usually don’t really drive (as most of the time I can take a train where I need to go and Brion’s terrified of my driving). So we’re going along the highway and I notice the car’s acting really weird–like, it keep jiggling to the sides for whatever reason. Brion said it was just the wind, so I ignored it, and just did my best to make sure I kept the car going straight. The christmas party was really fun, and my dad can really cook some good grub, so that was awesome. However, when we were trying to leave our car kept getting stuck in the snow. Now what really sucked is that by this point, the temperature was at around -30 because of the wind. So I’m out there trying to push the damn car which isn’t going anywhere, though eventually with the combined efforts of myself, my dad, and my ocusin we managed to get it out of the driveway. So this time Brion’s driving, and the car’s acting really schitzo, so we pull over. Low and behold, both the back tires are on like, next-to-no air. Luckily, we weren’t far from my dad’s house, but it was 10 at night and he lives in the middle of nowhere, so we had to stay the night.

But it gets better.

So the bathroom downstairs was outta commission because of one of the guests, so we had to use the one upstairs. At around 2:30 am, I was going down the stairs, missed a step, fell down the last two and smashed my face against the steel container of the air compresser my dad had brought into the house so we would be able to pump up our tires the next day. So yeah, I’m freaking out due to blood gushing out my nose, but we managed to figure out that my nose wasn’t broken. It hurt like hell, but it seems to be ok (I’m still going to probably get an X-ray just to be safe since it =was= a steel containery dealie). My conclusion though is that I obviously have to be Wolverine–I mean, I have yet to break a bone after getting my leg run over by a car, falling 20 feet out of a tree and hitting most of the branches, and now having my face smash against steel. I’m awesome! *flexes biceps*

The damage.

So yeah, because karma is refusing to let me sleep and throwing these series of really screwy events my way, it’s impeding my comic-making process. I’m going to =try= to get a Christmas comic up, but no guaruntees. The really depressing thing is that I had the page for today half donw x.x


Finals x.x

Finals week *dies*

This is my final for “Lifedrawing for Illustrators", the assignment being to draw a figure with “skin that is not skin". So I made mine a girl made of robots.

Comic next monday for sure! In the mean time check out the guest comic I did for Brian, or the warcraft comic pages I finally posted over at my deviantART page. And of course, there’s always the super-awesome Holiday Fundraiser thingie to check out in case you haven’t yet for whatever reason you silly people!

So yes, lots of things comicy to take away from your sadness at having no MR page today x.x


Guest at Geist

So then I did this sexy guest comic for Brian over at Geist Panik, and for some, unfathomable reason he’s mad at me XD

Bleh, back to work on my finals x.x


Warcraft comix

So I finally posted the rest of the World of Warcraft comics over at my deviantART page, so if you’re interested, check ‘em out! ^^

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