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Toasty, you are an idiot


Ok, so first and foremost if you remember my Happy Holidays image, it’s for a really, really awesome project:

Basically, it’s a fundraiser for Child’s Play, an amazing charity that gives poor kids in hospitals games and toys and stuff. Along with me, this year’s artists are Bleedman, Yuko, Scott. The cards look really amazing, so they make great things to send out to friends and relatives (or just to keep for yourself =X ). And it’s for a good cause, so you really can’t go wrong. You can also grab the cards from last year, so it’s even more awesome!

Now then, I did some cleaning up in the archives–mainly removing all the non-MR related art fillers, as when I was skimming through the archives to find some referance for character colors and stuff, it’s annoying how many pages were filler. Con comics and holiday strips and all that jazz are still there, but I just removed most of my personal art stuff. If you’re really interested and sad about me taking it down, you can feel free to check it out on deviantART page, as most of them are on there (also updated the page with a new piece, so it’s pretty cool ^^). So yeah, I’m thinking I’ll do that more from now on–if I gotta update with a non-MRstyle filler, then I’ll leave it up until the next comic and then take it down. Easier to read that way =)

Finally, Brion’s birthday was on Sunday, so be sure to wish him well! For my present, I bought him a bunch of expensive cheeses and mustards (his favorite foods), so our fridge is filled with 5 cakes/pies and wonderfully unhealthy cheeses. Mmmmmmm *sighs happily* Is it sad that the only reason I want to get a good job is so I can buy lots of expensive cheese and cheescakes? (is it me or do most delicious things begin with the word “cheese"? )


Holiday Postcard Fundraiser!

So yeah! The image from last Monday was part of Shawn’s really super-awesome Holiday Postcard Fundraiser, which is a really awesome project I’m totally thankful to have been invited to. Basically, it was started by Shawn, and it features the art of many sexy webcomic Child’s Play which is a super awesome charity that brings toys and games to kids in hospitals. So yeah, grab a set of the cards, send them to your friends (or keep them for yourself to enjoy and admire the artsness), and you get to enjoy that fun happy feeling of knowing that you’re making children happy over the holidays =)


Party hardy

Little early perhaps, but between celebrations for thanksgiving and my birthday I couldn’t get anything done (luckily though I got one of my homework projects finished ^^; ). Thanks to all who wished me well, I had a great time–my friends took me out for sushi and then to Chicago’s only remaining tiki bar (it’s a GREAT place, and they make the BEST drinks), the Hala Kaliki. Don’t be fooled by their crappy website, it’s really a wonderful place and again, the drinks are fabulous.



Today’s my birthday! Whee!!!! ^^

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