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Demon Monkey Fist


OMG! A comic! XD

This weekend is going to be the best weekend ever, as first of all, it’s Thanksgiving, (since going and living on my own, it has risen to become my second favorite holiday) which means that I’ll be buried in so many leftovers I won’t have to go shopping for weeks! Second, it’s my birthday this saturday, which means I’ll be showered in strawberry cheesecake (my favorite kind of cake), so huzzah! And yes, when you’re a poor college kid that survives on eating mostly instant ramen and peanut butter sandwhiches, your priorities really shift around XD



Yes, I know–yet another art filler…It’s terrible, but the immensity of both the crazy Warcraft comic (thanks again to the guy that pointed out the arm wrestling error!) and the immensity of this piece (it’s 14′ x 17′–so it might as well be its own comic page X\ ), I found myself getting 15-some hours of sleep that past week so this weekend was happy coma weekend.

In any case, our assignment was to have a minimum of 6 figures doing stuff at a minimum size of 14′ x 17(which is really annoying because it doesn’t fit on my scanner -_-;; ). Since there’s been all this talk about the Avengers Movie, I figured I’d go with that since they’re all recognizable characters and whatnot. I was actually incredibly surprised the teacher agreed–Superheroes, zombies, and ninjas tend to be no-nos in art school assignments (*sigh*), but miracles happen and all that.

From left to right:
Hulk, The Wasp, Ant Man, Thor, Warmachine, Iron Man, Captain America, Nick Fury


Warcraft comic

So yeah, spent the weekend working on this comic project that’s partly for and interesting opportunity, but mostly for class. Anyway, it’s a 3 page story, and the “story” part of it is really lame and genericky, but it’s the best I could do with a week’s notice and…three pages. I really wanted to try to get a ton of detail into these pages, so when I get them finished (which should be sometime before friday) I’ll be posting the final versions on my deviantART page.

Anyway, there was a serious “If you want to try for this then it has to be done now” vibe attached to the project, but at the very least it’ll let people know I exist so that makes me happy =)

So yeah, sorry for the lack of comic today, but hey, it’s Warcraft-ish (well…not really…not this page at least x.x ), but it’s =a= comic, right? *hides*

Semester is over December 19! YAY!

So yeah, once the semester’s done MR should go back to normal. =D

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