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Monkey sucker punch!

No more fridays

Sorry guys, I’ve decided to cave to school pressures and stop updating on Fridays. Mondays will still have comics, but I can’t handle doing two pages a week with the workload my classes are giving me. Next semester will be another story–from what I’m told the classes I have left are fairly easy (well, portfolio it tedious, but at least doesn’t require the generation of all new pieces), so things’ll go back to normal come Christmas Break. Please bear with me (and my slowly paced story x.x ) for two more months. Thanks guys.


Damn you AT&T!

Comic late due to internets failing ALL weekend *shakes fist at AT&T* Apparently everyone in our general area experienced internet failure, so at least it’s not just us. Hopefully if it’s back a color version’ll be posted whenever I get home. (comic not colored due to me having to struggle to write my midterm paper without t3h internets). It’s really depressing how dependent I’ve become on the internet, so much so that it was really amazing just how boring everything was without the net (in addition to having to figure out how to draw someone sliding without the benefit of a reference x.x ).

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