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Anime USA 2008 Report!


So in the bustle of getting back from Anime USA, midterms have totally snuck up on me leaving me unable to finish today’s page. There’ll be a page Monday though, so all is not lost! Losing the weekend to work just kinda blew, but we had fun so that’s all that matters =)

As for this assignment, it’s for my “Advanced Illustration” class. Essentially what this class is is a student directed, portfolio building class. So you design your curriculum and projects and the teacher helps you out as far as making sure that it’s not only technically executed well, but that it fills a gap in your portfolio. For this particular piece, my teacher wanted me to do something that wasn’t in a fantasy/sci-fi realm (as I had just done some 30+ environmental, character, and vehicle production sketches for a concept art project in the previous assignment) so he suggested doing a book cover for either a horror, western, or murder/mystery/suspense novel. Since I don’t have any westerns, and this is the only horror/suspense book I own, I chose Phantoms(which initially scared the shit out of me until I got to the books third act, at which point the book totally fell apart and ceased to be scary). This is actually one of two designs, and the second of two type treatments for this design. So basically I have 4 designs for the same cover–so many choices! XD I do have to say for those of you contemplating art school because you think it might be easier than regular school, it’s not. Sure making art is more fun than writing an essay, but it’s just as time consuming *le sigh*

So yeah, even though midterms are rough, I’m kind of excited for my “Art and Activism” paper as we have to write on an artist that’s an activist, and somehow I managed to convince my teacher to let me do Jon Stewart. Watching The Daily Show for homework is awesome.

I plan to begin uploading more art this weekend to my deviantART account sometime over the weekend, so be sure to check it out (or look around through some of the other stuff–I’ve been trying to keep uploading some of my assignments…at least the good ones x.x ).

It’s kind of weird–even though I’m finding myself staying up later and later to finish off these assignments, I think the work I’m producing in my two studio classes (Lifedrawing for Illustrators and ADV Illustration) are some of my best work so far, and I’m really pleased to see how my portfolio’s going to shape up. Gradumuatoration’s only 3/4s school year away! Scary!!


New wallpaper!

New wallpaper posted only 10 days late! XD Naturally it’s a halloweeny theme, so yeah, enjoy! ^^

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