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Punk girl

Sorry about another art update–I’d been struggling to get a project done for my Advanced Illustration class that consequently led me to pull a double all-nighter, but since this piece here was one of the results of that horrible stint I’m pretty happy. This semester’s really been kicking my ass so far =\

In-class dictates (what we call model-less figure drawings) end next week, so that means the following week we’ll be able to work on our projects in class! YAY!

Anime USA is only a week away too, so that’ll be a fun break from the grind that is school. Be sure to swing by and see me! ^^



Holy crap, October’s in 2 days! That’s crazy! I wasn’t even used to it being September!! X.x

Speaking of October though, we’ll be heading out to Anime USA over in the happy Artist Alley, having a happily inappropriate time with this guy, and casually stalking and totally drooling over this lady(better bring a bucket). So yeah, all you DC-ites show your patriotism by schwinging over to Anime USA with it’s delightful red, white and blue-clad mascot (that’s how you know it’s AMERICA).

I’m feeling better and plowing through school (one month down, w00t!), so huzzahs!

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