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Jojo's secret technique

Thanks Brian!

Holy crap, so today’s funny-yet-sorta-true comic was done by the delightfully disturbing Brian Wilson. Brian has an AWESOME comic which you should all check out, especially since he was able to understand my heavily niquil-induced request and churn it out in a day. I do have to say though that I was on my way home from school, not work, but other than that everything else was 100% for reals.

Yeah, I got sick =again= on wednesday, though this time instead of the flu I got a cold that went into some kinda crazy fever. I think it’s safe to say that my immune system has kicked the bucket (or is at least on strike until I can provide it dental). So yeah, hoping to get better, but still going to go to school tomorrow anyway (and let the rest of my classmates enjoy t3h plague!) Have a great weekend everybody!


Help a brother out

So my friend Xero got hit pretty hard by the hurricane, and he’s totally taking commissions and donations to help get him and his lady back on their feet. He’s an AMAZING artist, so definitely help the poor guy out and get some schweet art out of it.

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