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Nice catch

Didn’t need that finger, didja?

First of all, thanks for all the wonderful messages everyone has sent me wishing me well and stuff. I really appreciate it, and it totally made my day ^^

Moving on, some of you are wondering about the monkey and whatnot. Well, the inspiration for “Horatio” comes from one of my favorite former-talk radio host, Penn Jillette. On Penn’s old radio show there was a regular feature called “Monkey Tuesday", whereby everything monkeys was discussed. It had been decided upon that there was nothing funnier in the whole world than a smoking monkey (with the exception of a smoking monkey in people clothes). Finally, the end of like, 90% of these monkey stories usually involved someone losing at =least= a finger, as monkeys are ungodly deliverers of death and chaos. Somewhere you can probably find Penn’s old shows online, and if you can, I totally recommend them as he really seamlessly combined discussions about science with entertainment, sex, and monkeys (sometimes all in one show!). It definitely will be missed (though there are the short Penn Says videos).

I’m getting myself back on track! All of my commissions (from conventions at least) are at the “inked” stage now, and once I get ‘em all colored I’ll mail them all out in one fell swoop! YAY FOR GETTING BACK INTO DA GROOVE!

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