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Your gladiators

Comic to be delayed.

Power went out around dinner time, so we’re camping out at Brion’s parents’ place until our landlord can get it back on x.x Hopefully it’ll be up around the afternoon.



I wanna make new forums, as it’s becoming difficult to get a hold of the guys who help me out with them now(especially since no one told me the url was going to change x.x )…Anyone out there with forum experience wanna design and do the technogunk required of a new forum? It’d basically involve just getting them up and running…and designed per my specs…and then being oncall in case something goes wrong XD

Can’t help to ask, right? XD


Oh god….

This strip totally killed my hand. I was working on it all day today for like, 12 hours–maybe more than that as now it’s 5 am X.x It’s going to be a 2 page spread in the book, but since both pages work fine on their own I’m leaving them like that on here (since my website’s not designed for giant spreads and smooshing it down to fit would lose a loooot of the detail. I will however, post both pages cut together on my deviantART for those who wanna see what they look like side by side =) ).

Also, book 2 has been shipped out. You all should be getting them sometime soon, within the next week or two. If you do not, please email me so I can figure out what the hell happened to your book x.x

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