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Guest Strip: 60 seconds

Back on track!

Whoo! It feels good to make a full-on comic again! Hopefully yaāll still are with me! It was really damn tough to draw out 30-odd teeny little people, so appreciate the work! x.x

Now to get back to coloring those other pages, and then getting caught up on all the convention commissions. But no worries! Everythingās getting worked out!

I start school in a week and a half! Thatās crazy!! Itās going to be my final year! THATāS INSANE! It feels like Iāve been in school for ages, so itās both awesome and terrifying that Iām finally going to be done with it, and start doing art for ME! Canāt wait ^^

EDIT: I actually forgot to mention that “Genosha” was an arc from the old school X-Men cartoon (and probably the comics too) where they all went to this happy island and then got saddled with these collars that controlled their powers! Figured it was a more appropriate reference (although less recognized…) than the Battle Royale collars (as they just made your head ’splode.) You can read more about it here.


Guest Strip!

Today’s happy guest strip made by the wonderful Brion Foulke! I’m going to spend the next couple days recuperating, but MR pages will return for good on Friday! Yay! ^^

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