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Otakon 2008

Connecticon+Otakon reports!


Both cons were totally awesome. Met a whole pack of Daves to do our bidding at Connecticon, and then had the wonderful Villanova Anime Club help us out at Otakon (Thannnnks guys!!! ). In addition, spent both cons sharing tables with thse jokers. And yes, Brian Wilson did jump on my back at one point, and yes, Chris Malone’s eticket(which he printed another one of later), was sold for $200–way more than the girl who took her top off and the girl who auctioned off her bra combined. You can check out the video over here, and while you’re at it check out the video of Mookie totally getting in touch with his feminine side.

In addition to hanging out with the aforementioned people, got to meet Dave “The Guru of the Internets” Stanworth and Shawn “I make cooler shirts than you” Handyside. Also, be sure to send some love over to Scott(whom I feel partially responsible for getting sick x.x ), and Karian his lovely lady who totally helped to brighten all my days (thanks for loaning me the Sandman book!).

Now then, be sure to swing by our table at Anime Iowa this weekend! As far as I know the artist’s alley’ll be in the dealer’s room again, so be sure to come by and check us out!

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