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Guest Strip: 5000 xp

Guest Strip!

The wonderful and talented Shannon Townsend is responsible for this deliciously awesome guest strip today. She’s the art-side behind Otaku No Yen which is a really cute comic that’s doing a WoW side-story right now. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Anyways, I’m in Boston right now waiting for Otakon. Hoping to have CTcon’s con report up on Friday, with Ota’s con report comic on Monday. Ideally if I can get some pages done whilst we’re hanging out in Boston, then I’ll be able to update with a new page that following Friday (like I did last friday…though no colors, still a real page! See, I care about you guys!!!! x.x ).

Man though, I have come down with a nasty case of con crud–my throat is totally killing me, and I feel bad for anyone who came by the table sunday–I was really doing my best not to talk in general, it wasn’t you guys at all x.x

Anyway, I can’t wait til all this is over…but we still have Anime Iowa the week after, so no rest for the weary…. Next year I definitely definitely definitely want to avoid doing 4 cons in a row as we’ve only gotten done with con 2 and I’m already feeling gunky and exhausted. I also really don’t like interrupting my stories like that–it’s really inconvient that this happened in the middle of a chapter instead of, say, at the end (where I could’ve done a cute little mini-story). Them’s the breaks, right?

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