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SDCC 2k8!


Connecticon is this weekend! Feel free to schwing by and say hi! We’ll all be hanging out in the Dealer’s Room this year, so yay! We also might be trying out for the Webcomic Challenge, so if you wanna join Team Revolution, come by our table in the dealer’s room and lemme know. =)

As far as comic con goes, it was batshit insane! The sheer amount of baked goods given to us was just…awesome (I really just kinda posted it as a joke, but who knew there were so many wonderful people out there!)! Everyone out there in San Diego was really, really nice to us, and our suitcases were much lighter on the way home. So thank you so much to ALL of you for swinging by, chatting, and everything else!

My only regret was that I really didn’t get to see much of the con this year since I had so many table obligations (I =still= have commissions to do x.x), but it was worth it to meet so many MR fans! Especially super fans Donnelle and Slave-Boy-Dave (your new name! Enjoy it!).

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