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We're sorry sir

Good god

Back from comic con. Took a Red Eye so expect con report comic late x.x


Because I like to jump on bandwagons.

Couldn’t help myself really. I mean, I saw the movie in the same day. Though amazing, brilliant, and totally worth the hype, it was kinda weird for me seeing so much of Chicago in Gotham City. I can understand that they wanted to make it more grounded in reality, but it’s really kind of bizarre when you can point out, “Hey, that’s a couple blocks from school!” “I pass that on the train!” “I ate lunch once over there!” especially when dramatic action sequences are happening at these places (I burst out laughing when they said “We have to take Lower 55th!"). But yes, brilliant acting, wonderful action sequences, great direction, etc etc.

Once again for those attending Comic Con, we will be at booth O1! Book 2 will be there as well! =D


Da books are HERE!

In a Comic Con miracle, my books showed up TODAY! So I WILL have book 2 for San Diego! *does the Charlie Brown dance*.

Next, for those who didn’t notice, I did a guest strip over at Flipside. Caution: Not safe for work! My other one should be posted sometime on Wednesday, and is a shorter, safe, continuation of the first one.

Finally, I couldn’t manage to get ahead on my comic, but I do have a sexy art-filler for Friday. Con report comic Monday–you guys know the drill.

My plane leaves in exactly 12 hours! Wheee!


Comic Connnnn!!!

Ok, so first of all, making a cameo as an official tournament officient, Kāzin Silkencoat, an original character by the very generous Jacob. Wanna be an MR walk-on-er? Itās $50 for appearing and hanging out, and $100 for a speaking part. Naturally, add additional monies for more goodies/pages.

Anyway, because I know Iām going to get email from someone about this, no, his design was not inspired by Dante of Devil May Cry. He specified that his character was an all-white nekko, and that he wanted his look to be inspired by Van from Escaflowne. Thus, where the red-brown color scheme comes from (though the ref shirt is something they all have to wear). So yeah, not Dante, Van.

Moving on, Mystic Rev has been reviewed over at a cool webcomics site called Frumph. Overall it’s a really great review and really fair–though I do have to agree that my fanart/cosplay section is lacking a tad (despite being recently updated with new art by Heather,Matthew, Grant, Lane, Tetsuya, Billy, and Holly), I always appreciate more MR Love (including, of course, any MR avatars you may have in WoW, FFXI, Lineage, and whatever other MMOs all the cool kids are playing these days–as long as they’re named after the character (for instance, Lourdes3405) and somewhat look like the character (I won’t accept a blonde Lourdes–that’s just wrong), I’ll put it up! And let’s start seeing some more MR cosplay! I know for a fact there’re many lovely ladies out there who would look fabulous in MR colors! Anyway, check out the review, check out the guy’s site, etc, etc.

Nexxxxt, Comic Con is days away, so be sure (if you managed to finagle a badge) come to see us at table O1! A couple years ago, someone on the forums promised me pie, and I expect to have pie delivered by someone! (anything in a chocolate flavor will do =X). And no, Iām not jumping on the ācake/pie is a lieā bandwagon, because why would any of you lovely people lie to me? ;x

I have been promised coffee by someone (you know who you are!) and for that I am very, very greatful! Most people who know me know I thrive on coffee, and one wonderful reader was perceptive enough to give me a great, big box of coffee at Reactor which was sweet (I still love you by the way. You remain my convention hero.)

Still no word on the books. Iām starting to get really depressed now. I still really hate customs. On the plus side, Iām making it my goal to send out all the other orders of everything (including the last auction) before I leave, so everyone should be getting everything in the next coupleāa days.

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