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I met her...


Ok, so first off, the Lourdes Auction is closing today, so be sure to bid before it’s too late!

Second, US Customs is STILL holding my goddamn books, as apparently a whole week isn’t long enough to get one guy to look them over. *rips out hair* And because it’s customs, there’s nothing my printer people can do to hurry up the process along, which is really depressing (customs even went so far as to tell them they were going to look at the books yesterday…but they didn’t). They’re like that jock that asks out the nerdy girl to the prom and then goes, “Just kidding!". *shakes fist at the government*

Anyway though, the San Diego Comic Con is next week, and hopefully ya’ll have gotten tickets as apparently they’ve been sold out for a while X.x We’ll be at table O1 in the small press area (that’s “O” like the letter o, not a zero), so be sure to stop by and say hi! I =did= just get my shipment of shirts in sizes from small-XXL (I think I got XXXL too, I’m just can’t remember), and hopefully I’ll have book 2 as well. So yay for goodies!

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