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Who's Lourdes?

New auction!

New auction just posted! This one’s a sexy watercolor painting of Lourdes, Check it out!


New incentives!

New incentives have been uploaded! They start with the concept sketches of the Goth chick all the way up to the final design, and then there’s some sexy anatomy sketches and more concept work. Every day a new image, click the little blue vote button!

In regards to the books, the meteor hit -_-. The freight deliverers called me to say the books were going to be delivered on Friday. They then called me on Friday to say that they couldn’t pick up the books because customs apparently has to hold them to look through =all= the cartons to make sure there’s no drugs or whatever the hell customs freaks out about…something that the people who’re handling the overseas didn’t tell the delivery guys and consequently, me. Sooo, it looks like I’ll get them =this= wednesday now, unless there’re other protocols I haven’t been informed about X.x

In regards to the comic, I having an RPG comic because items can be summoned from a mystical invisible bag just so that I can have a schweet effect for my middle panel. But seriously, the invisible “bag of holding” is far superior that just having all the characters carrying around backpacks of junk.

Loved doing the middle panel though–it’s fun to ink stuff =D

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