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Live from the Ladies Locker Room!

Auction closing!

So donāt forget guys, the auction is closing today, so be sure to get it while you can!

Second, make sure you keep voting! New sketches continue to be updated every day and the only way to see them is to vote!

Third, THE BOOKS ARE ARRIVING TOMORROW! *dances* I got a call from the freight guy this afternoon, and unless he lied to me or a meteor hits that truck, they will definitely show up tomorrow! Iām hoping Iāll be able to mail all of them out by saturday, but if not then itāll be monday. So for you guys in the USA your books will DEFINITELY be showing up next week and you lovely international people may tak on a couple extra days depending on what country youāre from. But yay!! ^^

Oh! Iām also expecting a new shipment of the cleric shirts for San Diego, and this time Iāll have the XXL and XXXL sizes, so cleric shirts for all! ^^

As for todayās comic, her look is a tad inspired, but only sofar as the facial jewelry and whatnot are concerned (as her haircut was pre-determined from a loooooong time ago). Her actual outfit was kinda inspired from the costume the Scarlet Witch in X-Men Evolution (As her normal costume is justā¦hideous).

That leads me to another point though. Iād like to see more female artists in the comic industry world because so many of these outfits that these super-hero women wear no real woman would ever be caught dead in. Among these, the ones that are particularly painful are:
The Scarlet WitchāPink and red together. Why?
The HuntressāI actually like Huntress. I canāt for the life of me see how she can intimidate anyone in that stupid hat.
Power GirlāNow, I have nothing against Power Girlās famous rackāboobs are good times. However, this is the most horribly designed costume I have ever seen in comics ever. It makes me hate the character because itās so bad. It wouldnāt be so bad if the top was sleevelessāthen it wouldnāt make those clunky gloves look ridiculous and it wouldnāt look like a weird swimsuit with sleevesāBlack Canaryās costume is similar in shape, but sexy because itās sleeveless. Next that damn keyhole is so crass and tastelessāyeah, I get thatās part of the character, but at the same time itās such a one note joke. If they want to show cleavage, then just make it a low cut topādonāt puss out and do a stupid keyhole. Nextāthat red thing over her shoulder! Is it a cape? Is it a sash? Someone told me it was supposed to be āinspiredā by Roman togas or something lame like that. Thereās a point where a cool idea becomes terrible when put into practice. That stupid red thing is such an idea. Finally, having those clunky boots is dumb because it hides her ankles and totally makes the eye focus on them instead of the sexiness of her legs. Itād be fine if they were ankle bootsāas long as they didnāt have that huge overflap thing. Personally, Iād prefer thigh-high or knee-high boots as the high cut of the costume is just begging for some leg-hugging boots. Iām going to cut myself off here, but yes, I can go on.

Anyway, I donāt rant about many things, but I can rant about Power Girl and her stupid costume any day.


As a side note

As a side note, I made it so that way if your character is wearing really skimpy armor (like, say, a bikini top or something similar) where your armor basically =is= your underwear, then you’d have to take it off to get it scanned(likewise if you’re wearing some sort of backless top where wearing a bra would be impossible). However, if you’re like Lourdes who is wearing tons of armor and wearing undergarments for no statistical boost other than your modesty, then you can keep your undies on. And naturally, no boys allowed in the locker room… =X

That is my logic, as I always thought it was stupid that no matter how skimpy your armor is in-game, when you took it off the undergarmets are always somehow there. Like for instance, how can a Corsair wear that teeny bikini and still have this under there. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

So see, I did this page because of logical reasons…not fanservice…. heheheh…..


Autions and stuff

Hey guys, to get ready to cover costs for Comic Con, Iām selling some art.

The first piece is of gothgirl that I did at Anime Central. You can bid on it over here. I think it came out pretty sexy, so be sure to check it out (unfortunately the scanner really doesnāt do it justiceā¦ *sigh*)

I also uploaded a new donation wallpaper for July. This one features Lourdes and Gothgirl as Wonder Woman and the Black Canary. Initially I was going to throw Aeiryn in there as Zatanna, but figured the character wasnāt quite her personalityā¦.In any case, this harkens back to one of the really early wallpapers I did featuring the ladies as Marvel heroines Elektra and Black Cat. Maybe next July Iāll do villianesses, who knows? In any case, donate at least a buck to get the wallpaper, $10 or more gives you a free sketch, $50 lands you a spot in the comic, $100 gives you a speaking role. Good times.

In other news, brion and I have been playing Brawl non-stop. I think we unlocked just about everything, and I guess heās working on getting the last couple trophies we missed. In any case, Snake is justā¦wellā¦ the word āawesomeā seems to be an epic failure in describing how awesome he is XD But because Iām a girl I find myself more naturally drawn to playing Pikachu, Kirby and Nessā¦though for nostalgiaās sake Iāve taken to playing Sonic (the Genesis was my first systemāI did play the SNES as a kid but we didnāt actually have one because my parents went through the āvideo games will rot your mindā phaseā¦and now I do a comic that takes place in a game XD ).

Anyway, I have a habit of leaving games unfinished. Iām still really close to beating Persona 3, but since we go the Wii I started playing Super Mario Galaxy, and then dropped that to play Brawl. *sigh* I can never finish what I start!

In comic news, I do have to say Lizabethās gotta be one of the cutest character designs Iāve done. Iām really quite proud of her and kinda depressed sheās only going to be on a couple pagesā¦.Why do I get so attached to these one-shot characters? Anyway, I know my ānewsā feed looks kinda gaudy, but I figured Iād make it like some sort of Telemundo news where everything was colorful and obnoxious. Maybe thereāll even be someone saying āPorchĆ©!ā Tune in dear readers!

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