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The Save Rally Fund

The wonderful and talented Juno is having problems with her bitchin’ camaro. She assures me that the car is indeed, a bitchin’ camaro, and is having a huge donation drive to help her get it fixed. Since I know a lot of you out there are or were SCD fans, this is (aside from a chance to help and support a wonderful artist) a chance to score some sweet art originals, so definitely check it out.

Save the bitchin’ camaro!

Also, as a brief reminder, I’ll be at Wizard World Chicago this weekend, so please swing by! Our table is 3902. I’ll be there from Friday-part of sunday as I have to leave early for a cousin’s graduation party, but Brion’ll be there all weekend. Still up in the air whether or not the books’ll arrive on time (As again, the ETA is literally this weekend x.x ), but at the very least I’ll have the advance copies to show people so you can see that indeed, it does exist and all that x.x

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