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Ninja's new clothes

Darn you Vista!

So we went over to Brion’s parent’s house for Father’s Day, and we’re sleeping over due to brion having a dentist appointment in the morning. Only problem was, I planned to be able to finish the comic here, and for whatever reason Windows Vista (which they have) is stupid and doesn’t want to recognize my Tablet. Or rather, it recognizes it as a mouse, but won’t let me do the pressure sensitive stuff that I kinda =need= to do to color the comic. I tried downloading the Vista driver from the website, and that just got it to preform like a mouse, so I’m semi-perplexed.

In any case, the comic will be finished off later on in the afternoon when we get home. Really sorry, but at least it’s up and half-colored ^^


New shirt!

Alrighty, so here’s the new shirt design me and my friend Andy have been fiddling with for a while. Click the link, lemme know whatcha think of the shirt idea either by commenting on deviantart or sending me an email. If everyone’s kinda luke-warm on the design, I’ll probably go back to the drawing board, but if not, then expect to see it at Wizard World Chicago. ^^


Friday the 13th

Be scared! *throws a black cat*

All that aside, I designed Ninja’s joke outfit to be as ridiculous as possible. I was going for “Thai Hooker meets Sailor Moon” and figured the inflatable floater thingie was the perfect icing for the cake. Also, I love the Apatow movies–his biting wit and pop culture references make me giggle. Knocked Up is probably my favorite…though probably because of the guy with the beard.

I just got my advance copies of MR Book 2, and the books look GREAT! I’m really, really happy with how they came out–since I actually knew what I was doing this time, there isn’t any text that gets cut off and all the pages bleed where they’re supposed to. Also, the color pages look FABULOUS, so I’m really excited. I’ll post pictures Monday for everyone to see =D

So yeah, since I got my advance copies, that means the bulk of all of ‘em should be arriving within the next week or two. Pre-order whilst you can guys! ^^

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