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No books afterall…

So the bad news is that book 2 won’t be arriving in time for A-kon afterall…… But I will have sheets out for people to pre-order book 2 which they tell me should arrive a week or two after I get back from A-kon (i.e. first-second week of June). The main reasons for the book being so delayed was because I noticed in my first set of proofs that there was still a “1″ on the spine…which isn’t a good thing to have on book 2 XD Luckily, since we caught it in the proofs, it was fixed and everything was happy, but it sucks because it meant the book makin process got pushed back. *sigh*



Alrighty! This week we make our grand happy journey to Texas to hang out with Brion’s aunt and to go to A-kon! We’ll be sharing a table in the Artist’s Alley along where all the other webcomics are, and I’ll have *drumrolls* Book 2 all there and happy. Speaking of which, the books are supposed to arrive around the time we get back (first week of June) so this is your last chance to pre-order book 2. If you don’t plan to go to any of the conventions listed on the Convention Schedule, pre-ordering is a great way to have your book signed and doodled in.

So yes, special filler comic for friday and monday, convention report comic tuesday, regular comic returns next friday. Enjoy guys, and see you at A-Kon! ^^

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