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Acen 2008 Report!

Acen 2008!

Alrighty! Anime Central was awesome! For my set of awesome photos, please go over here.

This Acen really is the first Acen where no huge disasters have happened–the first time I had my wisdom teeth pulled the day before, the second year my car’s battery died, and last year I had this crazy fever as well as a lack of a voice for the weekend. But this year, everything went happily! Brion and I got to hang out with some wonderful people from out of town, so here’s the big list (please visit their comics as they are all awesome).

The Studio Anti-thesis gang
The guys at Badcat Studios
The lovely and talented Juno
The-man-that-can-actually-kinda-pull-off-the Digiko-ears-look Jerry
The adorable Erika Reis
And the always awesome Spike

But yes, I did get to do a lot of commissions this year! Usually I get around 1 or two, but this time I got 8 requests for my art, and then 3 things from Brion to color (his color commissions are colored by me =X ). That’s 11 things! Its crazy! And for the record, only two were adult-oriented pieces that had partial nudity–both were done for the guy who commissions us every year that we lovingly call “Hentai Guy". If you want to see some of the commissions Brion and I did, I’m adding the ones I managed to photograph to my devantART page.

So yes, thank you to all of you who stopped by to say hi over the weekend and helped to support the comic! I love to meet everyone out there who reads and enjoys the comic, so don’t be shy to swing by the table! ^^

Our next convention will be A-kon in Dallas. Be sure to check us out! Book 2 will finally be making an appearance! ^^

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