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When I was a child

Car Trouble

Hey‚¶ just wanted to let you all know that I had some car trouble, and right now I am stranded with my mom. So there won‚t b a page tommorow, at least not on time‚¶ I‚ll keep you all posted!

EDIT: Ok, so the deal was that the engine overheated due to a cracked temperature thing-a-mabob (my car knowledge knows no bounds!). I was stuck out there for 3 hours, until my mom came and the car had cooled down enough for us to risk turning it on to drive over to the nearest exit (it didn’t help that I had pulled over to the left side x.x), where we parked it at a gas station and called a tow truck. The car was towed to a mechanic who fixed it for a steep price, but the car’s working now and all parties are fine and accounted for. Thanks to everyone who wished me well! ^^


Toasty returns

Toasty’s new costume is inspired by Guts from Berserk. Thought it’d be an interesting new take on his character XD

I posted this year’s convention schedule over in the forums. Feel free to join and talk about stuff with other MR fans!

Also updated this month’s donation wallpaper–this month’s theme is “Machiavelli at the office"….because well, I thought it’d be sexy an interesting take on her character. As usual, a donation of a buck or more gets you the wallpaper, $10 or more gets you a sketch, $50 or more gets you a spot in the comic as an extra, and $100 or more gets you a speaking role in the comic. Huzzah!

Just got the proofs for book 2 today, and they look great! I’m really psyched that the new books going to have so many color pages! It’s looking like the books will be done by the end of may–unfortunately, not enough time for Acen (unless a miracle happens), but they assure me that it’s plenty of time for A-kon. Once I get the books, the pre-orders will be taken down, so take advantage of everything before it’s too late! ^^

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