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End of school!

So yesterday I died inside, and today they revived me long enough to post this nowhere-near-finished work of mwah that I plan to use eventually for the revamped savagesparrow.com (this one’ll have art on it, and working links–almost like real website!). There’re still many things that bother me about this piece right now, mainly that I’m not sure I like my semi-painterly sparrow there. I know I want my sparrow there (because my idea was to have it set up like a funky Guilty Gear profile, but with a juxtaposition of art styles!), but now I’m not sure if I want it painterly or gestural. In any case, it’s on its own damn layer so I don’t really have to worry about it until I decide to either tighten it up more or trash it (as it looks too damn weird the way it is now.) I’m also thinking of putting some sort of power glow around her. It’ll be groovy.

But yes, our wonderful friend Nick15/Philippe was supposed to entertain us with a guest strip today. But since he decided to have a life and not be at my beck and call (around a day before I was going to post the comic) I posted my half-finished piece of art. BUT, the chances are that plip actually posted a new page today (or yesterday at least) so be sure to read his comic because it’s sexy. And I’ll end up saving the guest strip Plip does send to me (because he’s a nice guy like that) for sometime over the summer when we go to all ‘dem crazy conventions (because I’m lazy like that).

In any case, I should be not dead by monday, so look for new page then. It also shouldn’t look as rushed and hurried as the last page did (I hate doing pages when I have to rush them x.x ). So huzzah for summer!!!


The Amber Spyglass.

Ugh. So yeah, page not getting done today. Spent the weekend working hard–here’s the image I’m going to use for the Computer Graphic Foundations class final (a book cover). It’ll be an eventual cover for Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass, the third book in the His Dark Materials trilogy that started with The Golden Compass. Why the third book and not the first? Hell, why this book at all considering there’re numerous books with crappy covers (for the record, this
is the edition I used–some of the other editions have lovely covers, but mine made the children’s book look like a John Grisham novel..)? It was the first book on my pile of books (we keep the “normal” books in our pantry as our bookshelves are filled with manga) that I grabbed before heading out the door. So yes, lots of thought put into this assignment XD

I’m not overly satisfied with the look of this piece right now–I like the coloring, but I’m still going to fiddle around with the composition a bit before I decide on something. I still have no idea what the type layout’s going to be like x.x And for those of you who do design, the type’s the most important part of the design, as bad type can ruin the best art.

Now on to finish that storyboarding project…..

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