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Guest Strip: MMO Economics 101

A forgotten birthday

So I totally forgot yesterday was my brotherās birthday (yeah, I know), until my dad called me up and said, āHey, weāre going to celebrate!ā and we celebrated far from my apartmentā¦..so there you go. Didnāt get a chance to color the page, but hopefully Friday afternoon Iāll be able to get it done when I get back from school before I go to celebrate the brotherās birthday over at my momās house. (Heās 19 by the way).

1 week left of school! Still have a couple final hurdles to go over (a 7 page paper on a really hard-to-read book that I havenāt really read and yet another storyboarding project crammed into the space of 3 days x.x), but Iām excited and ready to just relax. If you’re interested in seeing one of my storyboarding projects, I posted the last one over at my deviantART page. The first two were really long (around or more than 50 panels a piece), but I’ll still see if I can paste together some of my favorite scenes so ya’ll can check it out =) To check out the motorola ad, click here.

I may end up doing another guest strip monday and/or a happy little chibi comic just in case I sqeeze in my page amidst all the other stuff, so be forewarned and whatnot. I’m hoping it won’t come to that, so wish me luck! ^^


Guest strip!

Ahahahaha, I really was planning to do a comic today, but see, I’m kind of a moron. The problem was I was getting ready to do my comic when I realized I had no more non-photo blue pencils to work with, because even though I knew I was low on pencils, I thought I had enough for the next page. And….I didn’t. So it wasn’t because of lack of time or illness that this comic wasn’t done on time–it was sheer laziness to go to the art store after school on Friday. (as there’s really no art store anywhere near where we live).

Luckily though, Brion decided to step up and do a humorous guest strip for me! Look at ninja in panel 2–he’s so….bishounen I just wanna hug him XD

Oh, don’t forget Anime Central and A-Kon are coming up! We will be at both of these so be sure to pre-reg to get the cheap passes! ^^

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