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Chapter 17: Let the Games Begin

It’s over!

Mystic Revolution Book 2 is available for Pre-Order right now! Itāll contain chapters 10-15, and a bunch of spiffy bonus materials like extra stories, pin ups, and other groovy things. Check out the store for details.

Still have to write a 6 page paper on “how to combine Art and Technology in an ingenious way", but otherwise all my midterms are done! Huzzahs! My class really liked my storyboarding project (I did Die Hard meets Firefly, it was a good time), so perhaps over the summer I’ll make a little animatic of it and post it on Youtube for all you guys to see ^^

I’m fairly pleased with how this chapters cover came out. I wanted it to be part-narcissistic, part-pyschotic, and I think it worked out all right. I kinda wish I had done…something with the background, but I still haven’t figured out what. Someday I will…..

Keep those pre-orders coming in please! I haven’t gotten nearly enough, but auctions will be starting soon, too, so hopefully that’ll help x.x

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