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Interlude pt. 2


Mystic Revolution Book 2 is available for Pre-Order right now! Itāll contain chapters 10-15, and a bunch of spiffy bonus materials like extra stories, pin ups, and other groovy things. Check out the store for details.

Sorry guys, meant it to be only a 2 page interlude, but it’s the only way there’d be a comic with me finishing my big storyboarding project done on time.

Check out Brion’s Bloody Mary Auction, it’s sexy and I colored it.


Workage x.x

Click the link above to Pre-Order Mystic Revolution Vol. 2! Chapters 10-15 of the comic, plus cool bonus materials and other happy things! Check it out by visiting the store!

In other news, the last panel features Mitsuru, the red-headed bombshell from Persona 3 (which I've had to give up for a week for work-related things ;_; ). I love my red-heads, what can I say?

Aiiii, midterms blow. Have to design a make-up container in CGF (what the hell do I know about make-up?! X.x), do a huge storyboarding project (50+ frames) and write some sort of paper on a topic I haven't even bothered to look up yet because no one has any idea what to do x.x It's not going to be a fun couple weeks. *cries*

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