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Pre-order drive!

Ok, so in case you missed Tuesday's post, I'm starting a grand ol' Pre-order drive to help raise money to print the second book, because color printing is expensive (especially if you want it to be pretty x.x). If you visit the Store page, you will notice I have included a bunch of different options this time, with the goal of getting money quickly so I can get it printed before the anime conventions start in May. All pre-ordered books will come signed and doodled in, so for those of you who may not be able to fly out to a convention I'm going to, this is a nice option for signage. I'm also going to be adding any and all donations (which reminds me, probably not going to get a wallpaper up for this month as I have mid-terms x.x), auction proceeds, and commission moneys to this big happy fund as well, so that way those who may not like the book-reading can support the drive as well. So yeah, check it out, pre-order, etc.

And sorry about the donation meter"I know everyone hates those things, but I figure it's really the best way to keep everyone up-to-date on how progress is going.


Mystic Revolution Vol 2 Pre-order

I’m starting the Pre-Order drive for MR Book 2 right now. You can pre-order the books on the store page. Due to the increase in cost of printing a color book vs. a black and white book, I’m making a bunch of different options for pre-ordering this book to help me with the costs. I’ll also be putting up one of those “donation drive” meter thingies that everyone hates to give everyone an idea of where we’re at and what the goal is. Ideally I’d like to get the books sent to the printers by mid-march so they can get to me by the beginning of May.

Once again, the new MR book’ll be up to the end of this chapter, and have an extra comic story, the con report comics and fun holiday fillers. I’ll also try to squish in some of the comics from when my computer crashed.

Speaking of which, I found out I’m missing like, 7 comics from that time, which is totally depressing. Luckily, I hand draw/ink all my pages, so all I have to do is re-scan, tone and letter them, but still–it’s more work than I wanna do x.x


Oh my!

So many panty shots this chapter! I’m starting to become like Gainax X.x

Starting my work on getting book 2 ready for press since everyone’s been asking me about it. Book 2 will go up to pretty much now, and it’ll be mostly in color, as well. Because of the main amount of color, it’ll be a little bit more than the first book, but definitely less than $20 (which is pretty cheap for a color book =X). Right now I’m thinking $18 or so–lemme know if that’s a decent enough price for everyone. It’ll also have bunches of cool extras =D

Ohhh, as the Oscars draw close, be sure to check out the movie “There Will be Blood". Not for the nominations it’s getting, not for the serious critical acclaim (as it’s at the top or near the top of every critic’s top 10 list), but because of this scene.

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