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So I decided to try hand drawing my word balloons to see if I could save any time (prior to this I had drawn my balloons and done all my lettering in Illustrator) with not only lettering, but avoiding drawing stuff that was just going to get covered up anyway (as that’s always really depressing x.x). While I think I need a lot more practice to get the hang of it, I think I really do prefer drawing ‘em by hand.

In other news, I’m really liking doing this part of the story–I’ve never really drawn a boat before, so it’s been a really fun experience getting some practice. And I had a fun time drawing Crosseye–he will be missed (like so many other one shot characters XD).

Oh, I have days off from school on Tuesdays now, so usually Tuesday afternoon’s I’ll be playing FFXI as the character “gothgirl” on the Asura server("savagesparrow” is my playonline account in case people from other servers wanna friend me). My RDM is finally getting her AF gear! Slowly but surely I’ll get it all x.x

Also working my way through Persona 3 still. God that game is so good x.x My only complaint is that Tartarus gets really boring the higher up you go, as it’s basically the same scenery and the same level structure. But I love all the characters, and the premise is so cool. Definitely the most interesting RPG to come out for a while.

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