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New Years!

Egads! A comic posted on time! Huzzah!

Just a reminder, Ohayocon is this weekend, Brion and I'll be in the artist's alley pimping the usual melee of books, shirts, and groovy prints. Not sure if I'm doing panels or not"I said I could do some, they seemed interested, but haven't heard from anyone since, so who knows?

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years, and here's hoping 2008"≤ll be better than 2007. This is where I should be recapping my whole year, but honestly I'm too lazy to do that, so I'm just going to cheer for a happy 2k8.

New Wallpaper’s also New Year’s themed. As usual, donate at least $1 and you’ll get it. $10+ gets you a sketch, $50 lands you a bit part in the comic, and $100 gives you a speaking role.

Oh! We played RockBand yesterday and it was awesome! It almost makes me want to pay the $400 or whatever for the 360 in addition to the $200 or whatever the whole package costs. I really hope (even though it doesn't seem likely) that it gets ported to the other systems, because that would be sweet.

Guess that's all for the last newspost of 2007!



Ok, comic up, computer appears to be cleared! We’re going to work on some other errands, but then I will get working on last monday’s page, as well as answering everyone’s email! Also, those who donated will be getting a special late x-mas gift since it’s taken so long for me to reply x.x

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