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We seem to have gotten rid of the Trojan (it was posing as a spyware remover X.x) so now we’re running programs to clean up all the other stuff it downloaded. Comic flats are nearly done, I estimate it’ll be done in 2 hours or so.


Really bad luck

Computer got hit by Trojan horse. Running anti-virus stuff all through the night. Comic’ll be updated in the afternoon hopefully x.x



So this is what the comic looks like before I do fancy coloring (as that’s about as far as I got since it’s x-mas eve and all =X ). Enjoy all, it’ll be colored fully on friday, along with a new page. W00t!. Merry Christmas all, and happy holidays to everyone else =)


Good grief x.x

So on the way back from my dad’s christmas bash (he lives way out in the western boondocks of Illinois), there was this really huge storm. Instead of worrying about being blown off the road (as it’s like, an hour and half/2 hour drive to our apartment), we decided to sleep over. Dad doesn’t have a scanner though, so I couldn’t get the page onto their computer. However, page is done, so all I have to do is scan/color it, so there =will= be a page today, it’ll just be posted in the afternoon.

So again, really sorry about that. I recommend cheering on science to crush nature as it’s a bitch =X


Post-finals Sickness

So now that my finals are over, all of the sickness that I’ve been fighting off has come to bite me in the ass. Since I don’t really want to make it worse, I’ve decided to take the day off afterall. Page’ll go up monday instead, and I promise all my donators that I haven’t gotten back to yet will get groovy things this weekend. Really sorry x.x


Comic to be late!

So after finishing my finals, I felt sooo burnt out I spent all yesterday playing Persona 3. Buuuut, it’ll be up later today, so no worries =)

Persona 3 is a really awesome game though–it’s weird though because I’m finding myself going, “Aw man! I have to join the kendo team, but if I do Mitsuru’ll be mad at me for skipping student council!” It’s a new level of game commitment that I’m not sure I’m ready for! XD


Giant Rat!

Apparently, a new species of Giant Rat has been discovered. The key words of the article? It has no fear of humans…….

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