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For those who don’t know, Allakhazam is an MMO website that has guides and stuff for just about every major MMO (even though it’s spelled wrong in the comic right now–don’t worry, it’ll be fixed later x.x ). It also happens to be where I first looked up all the miscellaneous stuff that goes along with these games that no human can possibly remember, so it kinda holds a special place in my heart =)

Oh, and since people have been asking, I play a Mithra RDM on Asura named “Gothgirl". Right now I’m at lv. 50 because I play like, once every two monthes… and the last golden opportunity ended in a 2 and a half hour update. I wanted to start getting my artifact armor!!! I WANT MY PIMP HAT!!! *cries*. In any case, I’ll probably be on a lot more over x-mas break, which starts this friday and lasts until the 7th of January. Oh, and while I’m in the mood for giving out plugs, if you find yourself on Asura, this is my linkshell. There’re some really groovy people there–people who forgive lamoids like me for not playing regularly–and they’re accepting new members ^^

I’ll also make it a point to hop onto AIM every once in a while to chat it up. School makes me hermit-like, and I apologize x.x

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