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Mirage of Blades

Darrrrrn youuu!!!

Darn you FFXI and your ridiculously long updates! It’s been 2 fricken’ hours already! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY I JUST WANTED TO PLAY!!!! *shakes fist at The Powers That Be–aka Square*

On the plus side, Friday’s comic is totally done, early! w00t! Now I can actually write my scripts ahead of time and stuff–won’t that be weird?


New York!

Still working on Con Comic, but here’s the report anyway:

So the NYC Anime Fest was one long series of unfortunate events. From my friend not getting her table, to our hotel’s boiler breaking down, and a big storm on our drive home, it wasn’t too great. And Mookie’s assessment of the con was pretty dead on. All the programming ended at 7 when the dealer’s room closed, and there really wasn’t that sense of community that you get at a regular anime con. We even had a bunch of people asking us what anime was! That’s just weird!!! x.x

I =did= however get to spend some quality time with the guys fromStudio Udon, even getting a 2 hour personal coloring lesson from the uber-awesome Omar Dogan. I’ve hero-worshipped Udon since I was 14, so it really was a totally awesome and amazing experience having every question I’ve ever wanted to know about how they do stuff answered.

Other groovy people we hung with:

Mookie–The heart and soul man.
Juno–The taker of embarassing photographs.
Jay–The man with a website….again!
Annanth–The guy with the cool hat
Brian–The man with the ovaries….

As well as Josh of Mail Order Ninja fame (who answered some really awesome questions about publishing and whatnot).

All in all it was an…ok con, but I don’t think we’ll be coming back. Our next con will be Ohayocon so please come by and say hi ^^

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