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Image from last week fixed–sorry about the whole huge-ness of it X.x

In other news, incentives will be put on hold until Thursday, as I have a 500 page book to read and write an essay on by Wednesday. I can still use more questions though to fill up the rest of the month, so please keep sending them. December I’ll probably just post old sketches for incentives, as I don’t want to worry about making additional content whilst worrying about finals.

Also, I’ll be at the New York Anime Fest, so be sure to schwing by and see me =)



Due to finishing the above assignment with only a day of turnaround time, I wasn’t able to start today’s comic until really late yesterday. Then, my friend gave us free passes to see a screening of Beowulf at the Imax theatre, and, well, there was no way in hell the comic was going to get done on time. So I’m really sorry, but the comic =is= pencilled and partially inked, so I’ll probably just save it for monday. Once again, really sorry about this guys.

The above assignment was relating to an article about how women’s literature these days has turned from being about relavent social issues relating to women to….well, Sex and the City/Bridget Jones’ Diary. So basically, my idea was to have Lizzy Bennet of Pride and Prejudice kinda leaving behind the world of Austin and moving into a world of Prada bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. I think it came out pretty well, considering it had to be finished in a day or so.

All this crazy work really makes me want thanksgiving like…now. I want an extended weekend again x.x



Incentives are back. Please vote again =)



No incentive for today–was up really late finishing homework. Sorry x.x


Fanart pages!

The Fanart Page has been updated! New art from Katie, Heather, Cameron,
and three works by Clinton. Thanks guys!

If I haven’t uploaded your fanart yet, then please send it again as it might’ve gotten lost in my big email pile x.x

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