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Liquid Daylight

Somewhat caught up

Got somewhat caught up on my work, but didn’t have the time to update the website x.x

Did add a new wallpaper though–decided to try a new style, making Lourdes a little more digitally painted than I usually have. I usually stay away from digital painting as it means I have to get rid of my pretty, heavy lines, but it’s still fun to experiment with it. As usual, those who donate at least $1 get the wallpaper, while those who donate $10+ get a sketch of their favorite characters. Those who donate $50 get a cameo in the comic, and those who donate $100 get a speaking role in the comic.

Whee! Just 17 more days til I turn 21!! ^^


Vote incentives!

Ok, I’ve posted a thread over in the forums relating to the questions for the characters in the incentives this month. That way, you can post questions in the forum in case it’s too much work to email me. I’m down to my last question or two, so I’d really like some more x.x

Wallpaper should be posted this weekend, and I’m also going to look to updating the store and fanart pages, as there’s a LOT of fanart I gotta post (and some orders to be shipped out x.x).


Reactor and other stuff

So once again, Reactor was a lot of fun. Having the con at this hotel made us all realize just how much of a dump the Purple Hotel really was, and all rejoice at the fact that it was condemned and torn down. Aside from the kickass hotel though, the staff was really cool, the events ran fairly smoothly, and I had a great time meeting everyone!

I did a “Writing for Webcomics” panel with Rich of Otaku No Yen, which was basically me sitting up there trying to sound like I know what the hell I’m talking about. It’s always tough to explain my creative process, because really it all comes down to just getting into the habit of writing stories and scripts all day. I can’t really allow myself to get writer’s block, as then there wouldn’t be a comic =(

The Photoshop panel didn’t go quite as smoothly–I asked for a projector, as then everyone can see everything, and I guess they didn’t realize that they didn’t have one, so I had to use a tv, which my friend didn’t have an adapter for. Luckily though, this really wonderful woman in the audience had a laptop that had photoshop =and= the proper av hookup–I’m really sorry I didn’t catch your name, but I really appreciated you loaning me the computer ^^ What kinda sucked though was that the computer screen went blank as it was hooked to the TV, and the TV’s resolution was really poor so I couldn’t read any of the menus. It’s really tough trying to explain brush settings and point out where they are on the menu when the entire menu is all blobby x.x But, I think I got through it ok, and I’ve gotten some really lovely emails from people saying that they got a lot out of the panel, so that’s really the important thing! (which reminds me, sooner or later I should post a coloring tutorial so people can actually have a reference guide after the panel–there’s a helluva lot of info to absorb in an hour, and naturally no one’s going to remember it all x.x ).

We actually got a chance this year to sit in for the Fantabulous event, which is basically a cosplay runway show–no skits, just strutting your stuff. I’ve never actually been to one of these things before because basically I hate lines, and usually I’m in the Artist’s Alley when all this stuff’s going on. It was actually pretty cool–some of the costumes were really well done, and it was cute how into it people were getting–especially the couple who dressed up as Yuko and Watanuki from XXX/Holic. Very well done costumes, and just very much in character.

As in the comic, I really had to thank Ceantee (I hope to god I’m spelling your name right) for bringing me the bigass box of liquid gold. I honestly thought you were joking, so it was really a genuine surprise (we couldn’t get through all of it, but it reheated pretty decently =) ), so thanks again! Congrats again to Shannon and Rich for being guests, and doing way cooler things than we did (though Chilli’s was awesome!). All in all, had a great time, though now I’m super-behind on my schoolwork x.x

I still need more questions for the vote incentives! I can keep updating, but how long depends on you guys! Send me more questions!!!

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