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Busy weekend at Reactor, full report to come when I get back from school and stuff. Had a really fun time, and enjoyed meeting and hanging out with everyone!

Make sure you send me your questions for the vote incentive comics so I can start creating pages! ^^

Finally, I turn 21 on the 29th of this month! I can now =legally= play poker! Whee!!! ^^



So once again, Reactor is this weekend, so be sure to stop by and see me! ^^

Next, because it’s November, it’s a new month for voting! This month I’m going to do something different; It’ll be a question/answer session with the author+the characters. Soooo, if you’ve ever had any questions about mystic rev, how the game works, or want to ask individual characters stuff, send me an email with your name and who you’re addressing the question to–sorta like how the interview section works over at Flipside, except you can ask the author questions too =)

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