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You didn't think I'd fall for that one..


Today’s weird link. I wonder who gets to be the shoe?



So the thing in his mouth is called an “Eternal Flare"–it’s a semi-expensive item that, once the seal is broken, can give light for your whole play session. The area of effect is, unfortunately, only a couple feet (like a regular flare x.x ).

Totally forgot to mention that The Reactor will be this weekend! Brion and I will be there, selling our swag in the dealer’s room this year. So definitely swing by and say hi! I’ll also be doing a photoshop panel, showing off all the steps I use to color the comic, and we’re supposed to be doing a webcomic panel with Shannon and Rich at some point, but it’s not listed on the site’s programming guide. So yeah, lots of groovy things, not to mention the fact that reactor’s in a new, non-moldy hotel will totally make this convention really fun! ^^

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