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The trouble with guides


I like drawing hot women–what can I say? It’s fun to see how physically impossible an outfit you can design, tests the imagination and whatnot.

Midterm week ends today! I have a big type test in design class, but I get to sleep in since Illustration’s midterm was due yesterday! So while it sucks having to go to school for one class, at least I get to have the morning to myself ^^

Is anybody hooked on any of the new TV shows? My current favorites are Reaper, which is pretty much like Buffy mixed with, say, the friends from Knocked Up. Weird that there’s a decent show on the CW X.x Current favorite show would probably have to be Pushing Daisies. It’s so…different compared to other TV shows–so colorful, yet very, very dark in a sort of Tim Burton-y way. It’s done by the guy who did the short-lived yet brilliant Wonderfalls, which all of you should totally rent if you have Netflix. Not really keeping up with anything else new or otherwise, aside from my favorite poker shows =X

One final thing:
Who in Hollywood was smoking the wacky crack when thiswas pitched?
Although I suppose it’s nice to see Hercules has some work again X.x

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