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Heh heh, for some reason I really like Toasty’s reaction to guy running screaming out of the cave. And for those who can’t tell, there’s a little towel over the penguin’s shoulder to continue with the Rocky-esque themed pep talk.

I’m really happy with how this current story-arc is turning out. Granted, it has some flaws, but it’s been nice to challenge myself artistically and whatever-the-fancy-word-for-writing is. I really look as MR as my “training ground” so-to-speak, as because I don’t have to worry about publishers breathing down my neck I can experiment with story-telling, panel layouts, and drawing new things (for instance, I’ve never drawn a cave before X.x ). It’s really fun, and kind of exhilarating at the same time (though I will say, I will probably never attempt to draw a horse again x.x ).

So once again, vote incentives have been updated, please vote for MR and see the sexy sketches =)

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