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Comic to be late

Spent the weekend getting Mid-term projects done (and sliced open one of my fingers in the process X.x ), so while the page is inked, it’s not colored. It’ll probably be posted after I get home from school, so look for it around 4-5 pm CST. Sorry x.x

I also spent part of the weekend assembling a cabinet that ended up becoming a linen closet thingie while Brion played online poker. It was one of the most infuriating experiences of my life–the directions were NOT helpful. While I don’t really make it a habit to be building things, I think of myself as being somewhat handy with tools as I’d help my dad build stuff around the house when I was a little kid (we’d also go to all the tool trade shows to see the new stuff), and I also helped build sets in Drama Club. But this cabinet was infinitely aggravating–first off, the backing board was missing, so we can’t really put anything small in it for fear of it falling out the back, and second, because of the vagueness of the drawings, I ended up having to disassemble and reassemble a section like, 3 times. In the process I managed to stab myself with a screwdriver (oddly enough on the same finger where I later sliced myself open with an exacto knife–not a good weekend for my left index finger X.x ).

The design project involving the aformentioned exacto knife involved making a booklet using only a copy machine. It had be a certain size, and double sided, and the really aggravating thing was that half way through the process I realized I had laid out my templates completely wrong so that the pages were double-sided, but upside-down. It ended up taking me 3 hours to get the whole thing sorted out and fine again X.x

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