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Punch out God


I have to take a moment to pat myself on the back for this one. I really dig the way Narukami came out. Initially he was going to be even more wired up, but that was scapped due to, well, impracticality (especially when the action scenes are considered x.x ). Also, his design’s wires and stuff have been influenced by Battle Angel Alita (the first series), as that guy’s art is awesome and cyber-punk stuff rawks.

The last panel made me sad while I was drawing it–this story arc’s been rough for the characters so far! But I think that’s what makes it exiting, and hopefully you guys do, too =X

I’m still working on getting my incentives together–been playing catch-up with schoolwork all week, but I’m thinking I can get some scanned in this weekend whilst I work on the comic project. Bear with me though and keep voting! ^^


New wallpaper!

New wallpaper for the month is Cosplay themed! Specifically Gothgrrl and Lourdes cosplaying as Aerith and Tifa from FFVII….because I’m not clever and I honestly couldn’t think of anything else they could cosplay as (yeah, yeah, I suck x.x ). In any case, donators of at least $1 get the wallpaper sent to them, donators of $10 or more will receive a sketch of their favorite character. People who donate $50 or more get the above and a cameo in the comic (as well as a sketch of their character for prosperity), and those who donate $100 or more get a speaking role (and the above+inked sketch of your character). Yes, you can donate $100 and get two cameos instead of a speaking role, and yes, you can also choose to have your character appear on two pages.

Speaking of which, the first cameo will be appearing in the next couple pages. I’m also going to be mailing out sketches for those who donated last month this week, and there is still =one= person I forgot to give a wallpaper to, but don’t worry, sooner or later I’ll grab my harddrive and email it to you!! Also, guy who commissioned me, whether you like it or not (hopefully you do like it x.x ), I’m mailing you your commission, so if your paypal address is not the same as your normal addy, now’s the time to tell me.

I think that’s about it for now, will describe war against cockroaches later.

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