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The difference between you and me

Punch out God

The only game of BESM I ever played somehow got to the point where one guy had managed to get God into a fight. Sadly, God failed his save roll (which is really kinda improbable when you think about it X.x ) and ended up getting punched out by this guy. The guy’s character was also 6 inches tall. Yeah, it was one of those kind of games.

Today marks the beginning of October! I will be making a new wallpaper soon, and getting out the last of last month’s wallpapers to everyone else. I’ll also be sending out the donation sketches, so if you haven’t emailed me back with what you wanted, then you’re getting whatever I happen to pull out of the folder! I plan to be starting some sort of new incentive program as well, though until it’s officially announced, vote anyway! XD


The forums

Regarding yesterday’s forum error, I direct you to this. The forums are back up though, and seem ok, it’s just unfortunate for newer users x.x

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