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News from the dead

Oh boy, school has hit me like a friendly punch in the face! This year I’m taking Editorial Illustration (which so far has continued to make me happy I chose to be an Illustration major) and 2d design (which so far is…different). Gen Ed classes include “Creative Thinking” (which is exactly what you’re thinking it is) and Marketing. So far it’s been pretty decent managing the workload+comic–vote incentives kinda suffered though after my buffer gave out during that span of not having the internet. We’ve been pretty busy making the apartment habitable–installing pretty blinds, shelves, hanging up my nerdy posters and battling a small cockroach infestation. So far I’m discovering the caulk gun is awesome. And Boric Acid. I like to watch them suffer……. *evil laugh*

I’ve also decided officially that Red Curry is my favorite food. I’ve always hated “favorites” questions because I tend to not really want overcommit to one thing, but Red Curry is by far my favorite food as so far I have never tasted one that tasted bad (even our own!). I’ve had bad steak, I’ve had poor bacon, but Red Curry so far stands out as being awesome.

Getting XP Pro soon in the mail because the old copy of windows I had for the laptop wouldn’t work on the new computer (OEM copy with a non-HP compatable motherboard. Ah well.) Darn you windows and your stupid activation codes! *shakes fist* In any case I was meaning to get Pro sooner or later, so at least I got kicked in the right direction XD



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